Good News to the Poor

Homeless JesusI struggled for hours trying to write a reflection on this past week’s Advent reading (Isaiah 61:1-4). Try as I might the right words wouldn’t come. Then I realized that it didn’t matter what I wrote. Isaiah’s words need no commentary or reflection. These verses speak best for themselves, but only if we believe they still speak to us today. As I read them to myself this week, this is what they seemed to be saying to me.

The Spirit of God rests upon me, 

Because God has entrusted me 

God has sent me to bring good news to the poor 

To raise up the unemployed

To proclaim forgiveness for debtors

And the opening of borders to immigrants who are detained 

To announce the time for God’s favor 

And the time of God’s justice 

To comfort Michael’s mother and Eric’s wife 

To bless those who protest in Missouri and New York

 To give them bouquets in the place of wreathes

 The processional of joy instead of the dirge 

The cradle of new life from the final bed of rest 

They will be known as righteous for all time 

The seedlings of God so God may be known through them 

And they will restore the ghettos 

They will lift up the projects 

And they will transform the poor communities, once thought lost to the ages

Isaiah 61:1-4 (Adapted)

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